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The following are the terms and conditions which all customers of G.C.M And Air- Maritime Customs Brokerage Co. Ltd. must adhere to:


We will receive and sign for packages shipped to our Miami office Via:

  • United States Postal Service (USPS),
  • FEDEX,
  • UPS,
  • DHL
  • or any other courier service Shipper Delivered/Hand delivered

 Examples of acceptable Packages & Cargo:

  • Online purchases made via websites
  • Purchases made through business/commercial/industrial orders
  • Merchandise ordered over the phone
  • Purchases made through catalogues
  • Items purchased through Mail order
  1. Prohibited Items:

There are restrictions on the types of items which may be shipped to Trinidad. The following items are prohibited from being shipped via air-freight, but are not limited to the following:

  • alcohol or any item with alcohol listed as an ingredient
  • animal skins
  • bamboo articles
  • camouflage clothing or equipment
  • cash
  • corrosive cleaning solutions
  • firearms, ammunition and weapons
  • fireworks
  • flammable liquids or solids
  • honey
  • lighters and matches
  • live plants and perishables
  • poison
  • pressurized containers
  • swords
  • tear gas and pepper spray
  • wet cell batteries
  • illegal substances
  • pornographic material
  1. Package and Shipment Restrictions:

Shipment fees are calculated based on actual weight.

For oversized items please contact G.C.M for further details.

We will not accept and pay for COD shipments at the Miami facility.

We will not accept packages that are opened or appear to be damaged when they get to the Miami facility, however we will notify you if they arrive in this condition.

All packages must be accompanied by an invoice so they can be cleared immediately through customs upon arrival in Trinidad. Packages without invoices may be delayed and you may be overcharged based on Customs and Excise value assessment.

We will pay up front all charges necessary to clear your “non trade” shipments. “Non trade” packages are those imported for personal use

Shipments valued in excess of US$3,000.00 will be considered “trade shipments” and you will be required to provide additional documentation for customs clearance. “Trade shipments” are packages imported for commercial use

  1. Limitations of Liability:

G.C.M And Air- Maritime utilizes the services of a licensed, insured and bonded freight forwarder in Florida. G.C.M And Air- Maritime is a Company incorporated in Trinidad & Tobago, is not responsible and will not be held liable for cargo that has not landed onto Trinidad and Tobago.

We are not liable for packages that have not been delivered, not insured prior to our acceptance, mis-delivered to other addresses, or attempted delivery not within our business hours.

Upon our receipt of customers’ cargo, we accept no liability for uninsured/damaged/missing items/cargo that have not been insured prior to receipt of customers’ cargo at our facility in Miami, to the air carrier in Miami Florida, be it via air freight or ocean freight. Upon submission, acceptance and operation of your G.C.M account, the Customer accepts full liability for uninsured cargo of damaged, missing or lost / stolen cargo. We accept liability for insured cargo received and accepted at the facility in Miami, however our liability is dependent on the terms of customers’ insurance coverage.

We are not liable for damages incurred or items lost prior to the package arriving at our Miami office.

We are not liable for the inefficiencies of the United States Postal Service (U.S.P.S.). USPS commonly pre-scans their packages which shows as delivered (to our Miami location) on their tracking status. However, in most cases these packages are not yet in our possession. Our Miami office hours are from 9am to 4:30pm. Delivery attempts by USPS will be flagged as business closed on their tracking.

We are not liable for errors such as incorrect/missing addressing of shipment package or incorrect declaration of goods. You are responsible for properly and accurately using your GCM SKYBox address, and ensuring that all of your shippers/sellers/suppliers address your packages/cargo correctly

If packages arrive in Trinidad without invoices attached, we will make an attempt to inform you of this and you are responsible for providing the necessary documentation. Prior to this, you would receive an email requesting an invoice for packages without evidence of value. Failure to provide and invoice/evidence of value may result in affected package(s) being bonded with a customs broker for release.

We are not liable for damages incurred, items lost or packages delayed due to circumstances beyond our control, such as acts of God, government or public authority.

We are not liable for incorrect items, incorrect quantities, incorrect sizes or any other discrepancy or error with your packages being received.

We are not liable for consequential loss such as a loss of income or business opportunity due to lost, damages, delayed or undelivered packages from any seller, be it through your ordering process, or via ordering placed via G.C.M additional Services

GCM Air & Maritime is not responsible for the value of Duty and/or Vat charged

The client is responsible for obtaining any special approvals that may be required to clear certain packages, for e.g. a Food and Drug Stamp. GCM Air & Maritime will inform you immediately if any of these are necessary. Local Airline Bond in Trinidad and Tobago Ltd. will charge a rent on packages left in the courier bond for more than two (2) days

  1. Miami Address:

The U.S. shipping address is a Florida based Freight Forwarding Agent, and is a separate entity to GCM & Air Maritime. This address is to be used only for the shipment/delivery of your packages, commercial cargo, and approved cargo to your GCM Express address.

This address may not be used for registering businesses in the United States.

  1. Payments:

As being a customer of GCM & Air -Maritime Customs Brokerage Co. Ltd, you agree that you will pay all duties and VAT charges incurred to clear your packages. All of these charges are paid up front by G.C.M And Air – Maritime on your behalf, G.C.M And Air- Maritime will then bill you for all charges incurred in this regard. Upon delivery you will be required to make payment of invoice which would have previously been sent to you via email for same. Note Your GCM & Air -Maritime invoice will detail all freight, duty, VAT, and other handling charges where applicable.

All deliveries are on a Payment on Delivery basis.

  1. Mail

At this time GCM & Air -Maritime will not receive and ship mail because of the large quantity of “junk” mail, such as flyers, coupon books, etc. that U.S addresses receive. We will however receive magazines/magazine subscriptions should require such a service note the basic weight fee will be applicable accordingly to the weight and duties etc.

  1. Membership

We do not charge an annual membership fee, nor do we charge a signup fee. We ask our customers to use our service as frequently as possible so as to keep our service membership free.

Deliveries of your packages will be made to one (1) address only, i.e. the one that appears on our registration form.

You will receive our delivery notification for your packages in Trinidad the day before your packages will be delivered. You are required to be able to receive your package(s) with payment at your registered address, should you required special delivery options like re- routing to another address e.g. your work address kindly make contact with us via email and phone to confirm same. If you are not available to receive your package on the set date and we have to redeliver to you it will be done on our next scheduled delivery date to your area which is done weekly to different areas.

Note Different Areas of Trinidad deliveries are done daily.

From the date of activation of your account, your GCM Express account will show an active status.

The account holder is liable for all charges incurred to their box/suite number.

If any of the information on your account changes, such as address, contact information, etc., please inform us immediately.

If there are any outstanding charges on your account, your box will be temporarily disabled, or your current and future packages will be held until payments are resolved.

GCM & Air -Maritime reserves the right to terminate this membership agreements if we have reason to believe that our service is being used improperly or illegally.

  1. Storage of Packages in Trinidad


GCM & Air -Maritime will store packages on your behalf at your request for a period of up to 4 business days. Uncollected or undeliverable packages will be charged a storage fee of TT $15.00 per day, per package. Packages left unclaimed will be discarded after thirty (30) days from date received in Trinidad & Tobago.

  1. Repackaging

GCM & Air -Maritime will not repackage any cargo/box/package containing fragile or electronic item(s). Cargo specially packaged will not be repacked. We are not required to repackage any item/box, especially if the repackage option is not selected on the customers’ account and/or if WE feel that the item may be compromised in any way. This service is provided to our registered customers at an additional cost if needed.