Lorna Primus-Joseph

After receiving a gift from a friend, and not knowing it was a drone. Then receiving information that it was detained by customs pending a couple of approvals I decided to contact G.C.M and Air Maritime. I contacted them via Facebook and even though it was after hours I still received a response assuring me that I would be contacted after giving my contact info. I was contacted and explained my situation Ms. Susan Reginald took on the responsibility of assisting me with practically everything, she was prompt, articulate, understanding and kept abreast along the way informing of everything up to the last detail. This customs and brokerage is hands down the best and is most certainly a cut above the rest! They treat your business as their very own. I cannot keep thanking Ms. Susan enough for how she assisted me, I’m truly appreciative of the dedication and commitment I was given! Again thank you so much Ms. Susan and the entire G.C.M team!

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