Advisory Services


With a core team of professional, competent licensed brokers and brokerage agents boasting of over 70 years of combined experience in the field, combined with a growing number of progressive partnerships across governmental and trade-support agencies, GCMAM provides the specialized brokerage support to ensure our customers enjoy maximum benefit, including:

  • Duty Free Concessions
  • Import Licenses Application Processing
  • Special Import Permits
  • Temporary Importation e.g. samples, trade expos etc.
  • Re-exportation and Transhipments
  • Setting up of Private Bonded Facility
  • Machinery to Repair and Return
  • Assisting with Claims Processing for missing, short-shipped or damaged cargo
  • Provision of “Meet and Greet” Services inclusive of Customs Clearance of Hand-carried Merchandise upon Arrival
  • Preparation of Clearance Processing through Immigration for Expatriates, Ground-transfers, Hospitality and Guide Services for Expatriates



In recognition of the diverse clients’ needs beyond cargo and transhipment operations, GCMAM offers a full range of complementary agency services aimed at providing a seamless and cost-effective clearance experience and includes such efficiencies as clearing consultancy and advice, procurement of licenses and related documentation as required.

GCMAM lends support to ensure that customers benefit from a conscientious and dedicated team of in-house agents who leverage experience and synergy to deliver customer satisfaction on time, every time.

Agency services include:

  • Collection of documents at agents on customers’ behalf
  • Coordinating with Importers/Exporters/Freight Forwarders if required, to ensure all invoices are properly prepared and completed
  • Arranging for examination/clearance of cargo through customs ensuring proper communication with relevant Customs bodies
  • Making payments and procure all necessary stamps to various organizations on behalf of clients


Customer Dedication

At GCMAM, our dedicated staff is well-equipped to ensure that our customers’ needs are met, on time and in line with the highest standards of quality and excellence. Our staff members understand the importance of information dissemination and communication in the successful process of effective cargo shipment and clearance activities particularly in the areas of:

  • Updates and Tracking reports
  • Multi-channel communication options to mesh with existing operations
  • Arranging of reimbursable and credit terms

Our global network of partners provides us the opportunity and functionality to oversee the movements of cargo from origin to destination. In consequence of this, our customers are assured that every step is monitored to ensure security, safety and time delivery all the time.

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