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Save time, Save  money, Save BIG!!!!

Let GCMAM do the rest!

For your convenience, GCMAM takes the worry and stress of travel and time consumption from your “TO DO” list and makes it “TA DA”! whenever the need arises to do business in Trinidad.

Contact your supplier/s in Trinidad and make that important and time sensitive purchase anytime.

Arrange your purchase payment method/s either directly with them or with GCMAM and we will pick up items, package or re-package  if necessary, and arrange to forward your items by selecting the mode of transport of your choice either via Air mode or Sea mode to destinations Grenada and Tobago, in the first instance, since it is our short term plan to extend this service beyond these two points.

Alternatively, GCMAM can source/pay for the item’s here in Trinidad and arrange to forward them straight to your door following a firm agreement by both parties to proceed on conditionalities of prepayment and shipping mode of choice.

This service is a limited Specialty service for specially required cargo being extended to all qualified Grenada and Tobago individuals and corporate business entities alike.

Just pick up that ‘phone, and either  make that purchase yourself or instead have GCMAM source and purchase on your behalf and Walla!!! ….GCMAM will then contact the supplier(must be a locally registered business enterprise) and arrange to forward to your door almost immediately!

Contact our office today for further details on this very exciting NEW service….CALL NOW!!!!

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