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With a core team of professional, competent licensed brokers and brokerage agents boasting of over 100 years of combined experience in the field, combined with a growing number of progressive partnerships across governmental and trade-support agencies, GCMAM’s guiding principle and policy of integrity, quality, ethics and respect transcends many boundaries and underpins the raison d’etre  in the provision of specialized brokerage services aimed at affording our customers a suite of professional services including:

  • Duty Free concessions
  • Import Licenses application processing
  • Special import permits
  • Temporary importation e.g. samples, trade expos etc.
  • Re-exportation and transhipments
  • Machinery to repair and return
  • Assisting with claims processing for missing, short-shipped or damaged cargo
  • Provision of “meet and greet” services inclusive of customs clearance of hand carried merchandise upon arrival
  • Preparation of clearance processing through immigration for expatriates, ground transfers, hospitality and guide services for expatriates.


GCMAM offers specialized services and logistics support to the local petroleum sector which is by far the largest foreign exchange generator in the country with its unique demand and challenges for complete, competitive and comprehensive brokerage services. 

Additionally, GCMAM also offers support to the fishing and automotive industries, the multiple free zone facilities whereby commodities are transhipped or exported from areas of manufacture and/or assembly without payment of duties and taxes. 

In fulfilling the registration process, GCMAM has the management capabilities, skills and expertise to handle the clearance process through to delivery and customers will be required to produce the following corporate documents: 

  • Copy of company’s registration (certificate of incorporation) 
  • Copy of Board of Inland Revenue Certificate 
  • Copy of VAT registration certificate 
  • Copy of ID, Driver’s permit, Passport 
  • Application form for Importer/Exporter registration number (provided that neither the individual or the company is registered for VAT 
  • A signed letter of Administration of a Customs Broker to act on behalf of Importer/Exporter 



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