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As a responsible Brokerage and Freight Forwarding company, GCMAM’s guiding principle is manifested in its daily activities whereby the movement of shipments by importers and exporters from origin to designated place of delivery is monitored and controlled at every level of its interactions with respect to the shipping process. 

GCMAM can handle, in the most cost-effective manner, all your air freight requirements from collection to delivery to door or any other designated place of delivery. Using our in-house transportation/haulage equipment, GCMAM ensures prompt, reliable and efficient service delivery every time. Whether it be imported cargo or cargo designated for export to any part of the globe, GCMAM has the management expertise and skills to get your cargo there safely and securely either via direct shipments/individual consignments or consolidations. 

Our Air Freight Services include: 

  • Door to Airport (pick up) service 
  • Door to Door delivery service 
  • Personal/household effects 
  • Transhipment cargo 
  • Direct Express delivery service 
  • Daily Consolidations – most cost-effective service choosing the best route to arrive in fastest time frame 
  • HazMat dangerous cargo processing 
  • Daily Express/next day express service 
  • Export Packing and Crating 
  • Preparing all documents for Customs filing 

With connectivity to major airline operators, GCMAM surveys the market to assess the most competitive price offering in real time by the airlines and conducts consistent monitoring of pricing levels to properly inform and advise our customers in terms of their cost analysis of air freight shipments. 

GCMAM also assists with preparation and completion of all relevant air export documents so to ensure their accuracy to avoid delays prior to submission to airline cargo customs specialists. 


 With all the ever-changing regulations of freight and tariffs around the ports of the world it is incumbent on the freight forwarder to be up to date with these changes as with changes in general port and customs procedures. 

At GCMAM, our team of highly trained and competent shipping agents ensures that they too keep abreast with systematic changes with respect to rules, regulations and of course the customs laws to ensure compliance in acting on behalf of all importers/exporters. 

A diversified array of ocean freight services complements GCMAM’s related activities in the Brokerage Department and transportation facility and marine cargo insurance offerings and include: 

  • Pick up door, delivery to destination warehouse 
  • Inland haulage, if required 
  • Transhipment cargo facility 
  • FULL Container Load (FCL) 
  • Less Than Container (LCL) consolidations 
  • Break-bulk shipments 
  • Project cargo handling 
  • Sailing schedules 
  • Tracking/Tracing of all shipments 
  • Weekly Sailings to/from ports of Florida, USA 

 As with our air freight services, GCMAM also ensures the best ocean rate possible by closely monitoring any changes in the price levels so to fully be equipped to advise our customers of any corresponding changes in ocean freight costs. It is our duty to communicate the price changes brought about by dynamics of both seasonal impact as well as environmental dictates. 


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