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Independently and appropriately referred to as “gatekeepers” of local and international commerce, at GCMAM our qualified and experienced brokers take very seriously, our duties and responsibilities to both our customers and potential customers alike in keeping with all state laws and regulations that govern our role within legislative structure and procedures and to ensure that our mandate to remit all tariffs and duties, taxes and fees and other charges are fulfilled in a timely and efficient manner. 

With integrity and professionalism as our watchwords, our highly trained and experienced brokers and agents in general, remain focused on creating and developing strategies in collaborating with all of our customers’ management to assist in tapping into new and rewarding markets to explore business potential and sustainability as a way to promote customer strength, growth and market reach. Going the extra mile is simply GCMAM’s way of offering and maintaining solidarity and partnering relationships with its clients locally, regionally and worldwide. 

At GCMAM our primary goal is to provide totally sound and seamless logistics support services to multi-level organisations involved in the import and export trade in commodities from any or all ports of the world. 

These include, but not limited to: 

  • Registration with Customs and Excise Authority (ASYCUDA) 
  • Preparation and processing of all Customs documentation 
  • Clearances and delivery of shipments at both Air and Sea ports 
  • Inter-agency consultation – to ensure all commodities meet the requirements under the local laws and regulations prior to entry to importing country 
  • Duty drawbacks – accelerated refund on duties paid on imported goods that are re-exported 
  • Customs Bond Facility – to avoid costly rents and loss of cargo and to guarantee the remittances of any duties, taxes and other fees will be paid to the Customs Authority. This allows for goods use prior to preparation of entries in critical and emergency situation. 

From a single one-off cargo clearance to specialized interrelated and interconnected shipments and advising support services that are all crafted and customised to deliver solutions across our customers multiple range of Customs brokerage needs, GCMAM prides itself in being experts in the processing and preparation of all customs documentation relating to varying levels and types of import and export commercial activities thereby alleviating the need for specialized customs knowledge allowing the customer to free up resources and to concentrate on more productive, more significant objectives as revenue generation function. 

GCMAM is profoundly confident that your experience in interacting with our qualified members of staff in treating with your total import and export customs clearance needs will promote efficiency in every area of the shipping and brokerage and supply chain processes as we strive to become the “go to” brokerage house for all customs clearance solutions. 


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