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As your logistics partner seeking to offer the most comprehensive solutions to our customers, existing and potential alike, GCMAM provides domestic and international warehousing, transportation and distribution services for our shipping clients and partners worldwide and, in consequence, this allows for relief from complex regulatory obligations and considerations of warehousing and transporting commodities internationally.

Third Party Logistics providers (3PL’s) as GCMAM, seek cost effective and convenient solutions to the supply chain operations to business whose focus is aimed primarily on expanding into new markets and can benefit greatly from an integrated warehouse/transportation service. Our network of global partners offers our customers convenient access to warehouses strategically located close to air and sea ports.

Our fleet of truck/trailer equipment is offered to provide convenient cost savings and timely movements of customers’ cargo with special emphasis on safety and security in keeping with best practices and safety requirements as dictated under the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) benchmark rules and regulations.

The addition of the in-house trucking/haulage services seamlessly adds value to the multi-layered needs of our clients in a very dynamic environment. Our aim is to ensure our customers’ demand for value added services as haulage of containers from ports to warehouses and back is a function of GCMAM’s complementary logistics services indicating GCMAM’s ability to rise to any occasion to meet and exceed our customers shipping requirements at all levels, all the time!


GCMAM’s transportation solutions include but not limited to:

  • Providing exclusive transportation of cargo from ports of entry to job site as directed
  • Moving break bulk shipments
  • Full containerized cargoes
  • LCL less than container loads
  • “Hot Shot” transport of small packages in critical time sensitive emergencies
  • Courier relief support services – provision of drivers and/or transport as needed



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