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General Marine Cargo Insurance covers theft, loss or damage of cargo at sea, ships and any other transport or cargo by which the property is transferred, acquired or held between the points of origin and the final destinations.

At GCMAM, the provision of cargo insurance via one of the country’s most reputable and reliable insurance brokers is incumbent upon us as a significant tool in the dispensation of our multi-faceted logistics services and ensures competitively-priced insurance rates for multi-modal shipments via air land or sea.

GCMAM ensures, on behalf of its clients that the processing of claims is treated fairly and equitably to the ultimate satisfaction of our customers.

Marine Cargo Insurance offers varying coverage depending on the type of commodity which can range from frozen meats and foods, to dry goods as coffee, tea etc. The institute Cargo Clause is a set of standard terms many international marine insurers voluntarily accept and often indicates the extent of coverage which could either be A, B or C

Because of the risks general cargo is subject to when transported from point A to B to C, GCMAM ensures that each shipment is carefully evaluated and recommended to carry insurance coverage every time.

The following form/type of insurance coverage GCMAM recommends to its customers (importers and exporters) includes:

  • An open cover cargo policy which benefits the client who frequently ships and receives goods overseas during the term of the policy
  • A voyage policy that covers a single on-off shipment


Our direct communication and interaction with our insurance brokers ensures that information on claims and policy in general is communicated to the brokers for their deliberation and assessment and thereby allowing for proper application of insurance premiums every time.


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