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C O R P O R A T E    P H I L O S O P H Y 


Mission:    To totally satisfy the multifaceted needs of all our customers by providing consistent,  

                        Professional and total quality brokerage, logistics and related services every time.  


Vision:       To make GCMAM the company of first choice for the provision of Customs Brokerage 

                       and all logistics services, nationally, regionally and internationally. 


Commitment:   GCMAM is committed to the philosophy to produce excellent quality in the  

                   dispensation of all its services to the ultimate satisfaction of its customers. GCMAM is also 

                   committed to continuous improvement in established Quality Management Systems  

                   which provide a framework for measuring and improving its performances by 

  •  Regular gathering and monitoring of customer feedback 
  • Enforcing a customer complaint procedure 
  • Training and development of our employees 
  • Regular and consistent audits of our internal processes  


Core Value Statement: 

GCMAM is a responsible, accountable, effective and efficient Customs Brokerage and Logistics services provider. GCMAM provides honesty, integrity and transparency in all that we do and thereby fosters an environment of collaboration and openness for all our customers.  

GCMAM team leaders and staff are expected to live our core values of: 



QUALITY…………We provide excellent quality services 

ETHICS…………WE always do things RIGHT because it’s the RIGHT thing to do 

RESPECT…………We value each person and his/her own beliefs and contributions         



GCMAM expresses these values through: 

  • Leadership – courage to win 
  • Citizenship – operating responsibility 
  • Accountability – each of us make it happen 
  • Passion – energy and enthusiasm in our work 
  • Teamwork – stronger together than alone